CSP-1: Call Saver Pro

Record your telephone calls to your PC



Call Saver® Pro™ enables you to save, sort, and retrieve recordings of your phone calls on your computer. Great for small or home businesses, individual users, or anyone who wants to keep records of their telephone conversations. Save your telephone conversations directly to your desktop or notebook computer. Immediately e-mail or upload conversations at your discretion, eliminate the need for bulky cassette tapes. File your conversations in folders, or directories on your hard drive or any network drive, for instant access in the field, office, or courtroom.

  • Records automatically and manually

  • Works with virtually any corded phone and PC

  • Automatically time & date stamps recorded files

  • Archive recorded files to any network drive or server

  • Automatically saves recordings as WAV files

  • Easy online registration (requires Internet connection)

  • Instant playback of the last minute of a call in progress

  • Compatible with all Windows operating systems

*Note – Call Saver® Pro™ requires one of the hardware interface options below

TLP-102 Recording Adapter

The TLP-102 adapter connects to the telephone’s handset jack, capturing the audio and sending it to the PC soundcard for Call Saver® Pro™ to record it. This adapter enables you to play the recorded audio through your computer speakers, not into the phone.

dynametric_tlp-102  dynametric_tlp-102-02

SUSB-1: Home Stealth USB Recorder


  • Automatically record all calls, or manually record when you want

  • Recognizes and records caller ID information

  • Records both sides of the conversation clearly

  • Records any extension on the same phone line

  • Records both corded and cordless phones

  • No tapes, No batteries (Maintenance free recording solution)

  • Add notes to recorded files

  • Search and Find phone conversations instantly

  • Listen to recordings through PC speakers

  • Automatically time and date stamps recorded files

  • Records conference calls with ease

TMP-636: Transmit Patch

  • Ideal for Web conference recording and playback

  • Connects telephone to PC soundcard

  • Full duplex, bi-directional audio connection between phone and PC

  • Plugs in between your handset and phone base

  • Easy to install without tools

  • Compatible with most home and business (digital or multi-line) phone systems

  • Connects to PC soundcard microphone and speaker jacks using standard mini plug connectors on 6-foot cables