Digta 7 Premium with Digta Station 447

Premium mobile dictation device and docking station



The Digta 7 Premium features individually programmable function buttons allowing dictation operations with the left hand, a position sensor, as well as dual microphones enabling dictation operations in stereo sound. GBS brings with its Premium-products professional dictation machines to the market which can not only record dictations in speech formats DSS and DSSPro but also in WAV and MP3 format. The “Digta 7” Premium dictation machines also set a new benchmark for data safety during dictation operations, with its optional 256-bit encryption and device pin lock feature.

  • Slide switch with Touch Pin
  • Individually programmable keys
  • Easily transfer dictation and charge the Digta 7 in it’s docking station
  • Shock proof, Soft-touch composite surface
  • PIN protection and 128/256 bit dictation encryption
  • 4GB on-board memory extendable with Digta Card
  • DSSPro, MP3, WAV (stereo)
  • Voice recognition for Dictation ID
  • Lithium ion battery
  • Interface for barcode reader
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Digta SonicMic 3

  • USB dictation microphone with button control
  • PC mouse control with trackpad and mouse buttons
  • Integrated sound card
  • Control of speech recognition software Dragon Naturally Speaking


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Voice to Text Integration

More options for dictating directly into your PC!

High-quality, professional microphones compatible with Dragon Naturally Speaking voice recognition software

grundig_cordex with station

Digta CordEx

  • Professional wireless PC microphone
  • Back-lit color display
  • PC docking station for wireless reception and battery charging
  • Interface for barcode/RFID reader
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Digta SonicMic II

  • USB dictation microphone with slide switch
  • Integrated sound card
  • PC mouse control via Track Point
  • Interface for barcode/RFID reader
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grundig_digtasonicmicII with station


Grundig Transcription Kit

Complete package for transcribing digital dictation

  • Digta Foot Control 540 USB
  • Digta Swingphone 567 Headset
  • DigtaSoftPro PC software including license for a transcription station
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