VoicePro Technologies Inc

Founded in 1998 as a result of changes the company Dictaphone made converting branch offices to dealership opportunities. With 50+ years of dictation/transcription expertise we soon expanded this family-run operation into a well-respected Canadian distributor for a number of major voice processing industry contributors.

Our focus is strictly on voice processing technology. As our industry transforms from analog to digital technology, our goal is to be recognized as the provider of quality product, service and support.

What products do we provide?

Our focus is within three distinct areas:

  • Voice Processing: Dictation & Transcription – both Analog (cassette) and Digital
  • Audio capture for conference or telephone security monitoring purposes
  • Voice to Text technology

What companies do we represent?

Voice Processing

  • Grundig – a German digital voice communications product provider
  • Dictaphone – a North American vendor of analog & digital voice recording technology
  • Philips – a world wide vendor of analog & digital voice recording technology
  • Olympus – a North American electronics provider

Telephone Monitoring

  • Dynametric Inc. – a North American product specialist in the integration of telephone record interfaces

Voice to Text – Dragon NaturallySpeaking

  • Nuance – a North American software supplier of unique Voice to Text technology and parent company of Dictaphone